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Screen Printing, Digitizing, or Embroidery, Earthbound is Your Solution!

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Custom Screen Printing

Custom Screen Printing is a great way to have personalized artwork printed onto products, but it starts with the right artwork. If you don't have it in the correct format, we can have it created into a vector art format for you! This helps us manipulate the artwork as far as size and color separations needed to make the screen to print your logo.


Custom Embroidery is taking your logo or design and having it sewn onto garments. We send it to be digitized which tells us how many threads it is going to take to create your design. After we have the thread count, we are able to sew it onto hats, jackets, polos or product of your choice.


Digiting is a program that takes your logo or design and formats it for the embroidery machines to sew it correctly onto the fabric and/or product of your choosing.